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6 best solar inverters in India 2021

In our previous articles, we’ve discussed why going solar is the future. We’ve also talked about some solar devices you can add to your power grid.

Just in case you’re looking for the best panels for the average Indian household, visit the five best solar panels in India 2021.

This article means to talk about the best solar inverters for the Indian household.

Inverter is one of the most important of all PV devices in the solar grid. After reading this, you’d be able to discern the type of solar inverter best suited for your needs from all the others. Depending upon the grid connection, solar inverters are of two types:

Off-Grid Solar Inverter
On-Grid Solar Inverter

Off-Grid Inverter

growatt spf 5000tl hvm off grid inverter

These inverters require an external battery to run. They aren’t directly connected to the grid but store their energies produced by converting solar radiation into batteries. They’re usually more expensive compared to the grid-tied inverters. They can be customized to the needs of a household — since it is independent of the grid.

On-Grid Inverter

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On-Grid or grid-tie solar inverters are by far the most common and widely used by homes and businesses. These inverters do not need batteries and are connected to the public electricity grid (local electricity distribution company). Generally, net-meter applied systems use these inverters.

Any excess solar power generated can be exported to the electricity grid, and you usually get paid a feed-in tariff (FiT) or credits for the energy you export. These inverters cannot work independently of the grid. In case of no power supply from the grid, the inverter goes down.
It is to prevent the inverter from transferring energy into the grid.

(There’s also a third type : hybrid solar inverter. It is a combination of the on and off-grid inverters. It has both batteries for storing the charge, and can also be connected to the regular grid for the export of excess units. It is the least common of the three.)

Now that you can tell the two types of solar inverters apart, let’s dive right into the best solar inverters for the average Indian household in 2021. We’ve run numerous tests on several inverters of domestic and foreign make and only featured the best solar inverters available.

Some key parameters include capacity, brand reliability, cost factor, customer reviews, and all the others.

Best Solar Inverters in India

Luminous Inverters

Luminous is a large and trustworthy company in the domain of PV devices in the Indian markets. It has a range of smart and best solar inverters with adaptive touch screens and sensors that go around doing more than just the inverter thing. Their inverters are also some of the highest-rated ones in safety standards. The prices are usually on the higher end for this brand.

Ksolare Inverters

It is one of the most prominent solar inverters of Indian origin available in the markets now. Their grid-tied inverters rank amongst the most sought-after of all the similar devices. Ksolare inverters come in diverse sizes ranging from 1 KW to 100 KW. They’re fit for both the domestic and the industrial needs of the nation.

A compact design with a low voltage startup earns its inverters second place in our list. These inverters are a zero-maintenance set-up with UV-rated LCDs for unmatched reliability. It is one of the best solar inverters to feature on the list.

UTL inverters

An established brand in electronics, UTL has a colossal share in the Indian PV ecosystem. Their inverters come with all three types: on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid.

Their solar inverters come with an in-built PWM solar charge controller and adaptive LCD screens. UTL is among the most trusted brands for brand reliability to feature on this list.

Moving forward to some of foreign make, here are our top contenders for the best solar inverters:

Growatt Inverters

It is a Chinese brand that has grown into becoming the electronics giant that it is very quickly. Theirs is the largest PV equipment exporter of China.

They make inverters of all types and capacities and earn decent brand reliability. Their inverters are also comparatively economical compared to many indigenous brands on the list.

Sungrow Inverters

These solar inverters come with an in-built DC isolator. In our tests, we’ve found their cooling system pleasantly quiet, and they also give you the solar analytics on their screen. They’re among the cheapest of the best solar inverters in the markets now.

Delta inverters

Delta Electronics is a Taiwanese brand with an operational age of over 50 years and has been in the PV markets since 1999. Its trademark ability is their inverters come with an endurance capacity of over 65°C without derating. If you aren’t already familiar with the term, derating means lowering the efficiency of an electronic device to prolong its life at adverse conditions.

Delta inverters are adept at handling hot summers, which is the case with most of India. It makes their inverters one of the best solar inverters suited for an Indian household with extremely reliable support.

It concludes our list of the best solar inverters for an Indian household in 2021. All those featured in the list have made it through several filters. We’ve chosen the best of the best considering grid mechanism, efficiency, reliability, cost factor, and heat endurance.

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