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8 economical Solar devices for your household

Hi there. If you’ve been through one of our previous articles, you’d have an idea of why it’s of utmost importance to incorporate the use of PV devices into our households. If you haven’t already read that piece, we recommend you read it here.

We’ll now be talking of the household solar devices and vehicles which you can substitute for your regular devices. Some of them are simple with easy mechanisms like LEDs, while the others are intricate.

Here’s talking of them one by one.

Solar Charger

solar charger 1
Solar charger

You can now have the luxury of having your cell phone charged on the run without having to worry about the availability of power. It is the most useful when traveling and is a far better alternative to your regular power banks. They come in colossal capacities of charge storage.

Solar Cooker

domestic solar cooker 1365198
Solar Cooker

These devices are simple-to-use stoves that can get your food cooked without any fuel. Though most of what is available are inexpensive, low-load devices — you can also have sophisticated and high-load cookers. It’s a good investment, though. These devices have a reflective mirror to concentrate the incoming sunlight to a small area. The light energy then converts into heat. They can achieve temperatures ranging from 65°C to 400°C.

Solar Inverter

solar inverter
Solar Inverter

It is probably the most important of all solar devices on this list. Solar inverters are similar to regular inverters as they convert stored DC to AC and feed it to the grid. What is different here is, with the DC inverter comes an energy-inefficient battery. Once the juice runs out of the cell, which, in most households, happens in 4-5 years, you’ll need to have another one. With solar inverters, you have a continuous supply of charge and power to light your home.

Solar-powered Refrigerator

solar refrigerator
Solar Refrigerator

These solar devices are becoming fairly popular in middle-income economies like that of India. Especially in rural areas where there are usual power cuts, solar-powered refrigerators are helping provide cooling and refrigeration to essentials like food and medicines. Refrigerators consume a lot of power and are costly to your bills. It is one reason why you might want to opt for a solar-powered refrigerator.

Solar Lamp

solar lamp
Solar Lamp

It is one of the most common solar devices you’ll ever come across. I’m sure we’ve all seen this at some place: by the highways, in the stadiums, and city squares. It is a cheap and energy-saving form of power consumption: recharge during the day and power LEDs all of the night. The government is encouraging people to add solar lamps to their households.

Solar air conditioning

solar ac
Solar air conditioning

It uses PV devices for air conditioning. Again, it functions the same, except it works without any regular power usage. Some of them use the process of solar thermal energy conversion, and the others, photovoltaic conversion.

Solar fan

solar fan
Solar Fan

These devices consist of solar panels that convert solar radiation into power. They work the best during the hottest days with abundant sunlight. They’re also cheap energy devices and use no other sources of power other than solar energy.

Solar vehicles

The solar vehicles industry is a rapidly expanding ecosystem amongst all of solar devices. We’re sure to run out of petroleum in the future, so it makes sense for minds to come out and carry R&D in this field. From small three-wheelers to trains using solely solar energy, the ecosystem is sure to expand in the years to come.

Solar System: a complete set-up of solar devices

It is a combination of solar panels, solar inverter, and other related PV accessories to make a complete household grid based on solar devices in place of your regular supply. It’s a complete package of all possible household devices that you can run on solar power alone without the need for any secondary sources of energy. You can purchase the related devices online or from your local vendor. It promises you a complete energy-saving, economic, and environment-friendly setup.

Apart from those that are listed here, there are a ton of other PV equipment that are there in the markets. From lighters to watches, the research market is helping add the energy-saving PV idea to one and all devices.

Please check out VHIL to learn more on how we’re building all kinds of solar devices for the Indian household.

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