Buy and Install Your Own Solar Panels

The comprehensive “Build Your Own” concept by VHIL

Solar technology is rapidly evolving and getting accessible to households of all budgets. From the simple, and easy mechanisms like solar panels — to the intricate and complex solar systems, there’s so much versatility to add to your energy needs. Here’s talking what Build Your Own is all about.

With the growing ecosystem, comes the need to educate the masses on how they can optimize their requirements of the set-up and all the back-end information that would go into helping them choose their system efficiently.

At VHIL, we not only sell stuff but do all that together.

VHIL is bringing to you one and all devices for the average Indian household. Each of the devices featured in our store is catered to the personalized needs of an Indian household. But we aren’t just a merchant. We’re more than that, and here’s how.

What exactly is Build Your Own all about?

No, this isn’t any metaphor. We mean it to the fullest. Maybe you’ve heard of DIY now and then. But with Build Your Own, we aren’t just letting you alone into building your grid — but strive to play a supporting role for the day and tomorrow.

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VHIL has partnered with renowned and established brands of solar equipment manufacturers in the country. At the company, we proudly claim to host only those products which have a strong financial backing and track record. Our products are here to stay. They all come with a proven track record of customer satisfaction and we’re there to tell you all that and more.

When you buy a product at our place, you’re not just betting on an energy-secure future, but also established consumer support. If you ever end up hitting a deadlock on your insecurities, hit us up. Our support staff will readily assist you in your queries with live/recorded sessions. It could be in setting up the system, or the necessary components required, and any other stuff you’d need for your solar grid.

You can also opt to have our staff or our channel partner do the assembly for you. All you need to do is to contact our team and our trained crew will do all that’s needed to get your system up and running. Or, you can choose to get it done with your local technician. We’ve absolutely no beef with any of that! If you still require any technical assistance, you can choose to hit us anytime you need. At Build Your Own, we strive to prioritize customer satisfaction over everything.


So if you’re only beginning to plan your system, go ahead and book a session with our team. You may or not choose to source products from here. It is something that isn’t known to a lot of people. With different people come different opinions, so it isn’t unnatural on getting carried away for your ideal purchase. We’ve got you covered on this.

Speak to us. Educate yourselves. And Build Your Own system. That’s all that VHIL is about.

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