Go Corona Cabinet (20 Litre)

20 Litre Go-Corona Cabinet by VHIL Electric is the best way to disinfect the entire surface of an object in a few minutes. Suitable for disinfecting objects like vegetable, groceries, documents, surgical masks, money, wallet, keys and many more.

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The 37 litre Go-Corona Cabinet by VHIL Electric is a powerful device which uses precisely engineered features, on top of UV-C rays germ-killing properties to disinfect the entire surface of an object in a few minutes.

The cabinet is meticulously engineered to provide accurate UVC light dose to kill Corona virus in line with research published in FDA research papers and studies conducted by Boston university.

Features include
*In-built, adjustable timer
*Safety lid and switch
*UVC blocking glass
*Zero Leakage
*360 Degree coverage for every object
*UVC light indicator
*Uniform and precise UVC dose

It provides concentrated power at close range that gives a high virus killing rate. The Go-Corona Cabinet is suitable for disinfecting objects like money, wallet, keys, groceries, surgical masks, and many more. UV-C is proven to be more effective and suitable than chemical disinfectants for indoor sanitization.
It can kill 99% of virus on most surfaces in less than 1.5 minutes.*

->Size: 37 Litre
->Dimensions(mm) : 450x400x400
->Power : 32 Watts
->Operating Voltage: 230 Volts, 50 Hz

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions37 × 32 × 37 cm



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